Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Welcome to Das Consultancy Services, where innovation meets the cloud in the heart of Germany's IT landscape. Step into the future of seamless and scalable infrastructure with our dedicated Cloud and Infrastructure Department. We recognize the pivotal role that cloud technologies play in reshaping the IT landscape and understand the critical importance of a robust infrastructure for businesses to thrive.

Partner with Das Consultancy Services and experience the transformative power of our Cloud and Infrastructure Department. From architecting scalable cloud solutions to optimizing infrastructure performance, we are here to drive growth and efficiency in your business. Collaborate with us and discover the difference of working with a trusted IT consulting partner that is dedicated to elevating your organization through state-of-the-art cloud and infrastructure solutions. Your success in the cloud awaits!

Container Orchestration

In the ever-evolving landscape of containerized applications, Container Orchestration takes center stage as the orchestrator of innovation.

At Das Consultancy Services, we specialize in demystifying the complexities of managing containerized workloads. Container Orchestration, represented by robust platform Openshift, is the invisible hand that ensures your applications run harmoniously, scale effortlessly, and operate with unparalleled resilience. Join us as we navigate the orchestration revolution, where containerized possibilities unfold into a symphony of operational excellence.

Configuration Management

In the dynamic landscape of website management, Configuration Management stands as a pivotal practice that empowers organizations to orchestrate and automate the deployment, scaling, and maintenance of their digital presence. As businesses navigate through the complexities of managing websites, our dedicated focus on Configuration Management serves as the cornerstone, ensuring a harmonized and error-free orchestration of servers, applications, and infrastructure components.

Our Offerings

Cloud Migration Services

Assisting organizations in moving their existing applications, data, and processes to cloud platforms.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Planning, Designing, implementing and intaining cloud infrastructure for organizations.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

Designing and implementing strategies for data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.